Complete Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is not just words on a website at Esprida – our objective is not only to produce the best products, but also provide our customers with the necessary assistance to make our products work in their operational environment. Our support team utilizes the latest technical resources and many years of product and industry experience to promptly answer questions and resolve customer issues.

Get Assistance Online

Our goal is to make the use of our products and services as simple and effective as possible. The Community Portal provides an ever growing list of knowledgebase articles, user-driven support forums, access to all user Guides and release Notes and free tools so customers can get the help when needed. The Search feature is also available on every page to search across all non-forum portal resources or a special Search feature for searching the forums and comments.

For issues or questions that you can’t be found on our Community Portal, registered users with Esprida can submit a support ticket via email. To submit a new ticket send an email to The ticket subject will be created using the subject line of the email and the content of the email will be included in the description of the ticket. Once the email has been processed, the sender will receive an email every time the ticket status has changed, notes have been added or a final response has been provided.

Log into the Esprida Helpdesk to:

  • submit a new ticket
  • track all tickets you have open
  • track the history of all tickets submitted for your company
  • close a ticket that has solved your issue

Access the Helpdesk system is limited to registered users.  To register send an email to with the subject of Requesting Support Registration.  Include the Full Name, Company name and Contact Info.  A ticket will be created and the user will be set up with an account for the ticket system for future use and an email will be sent with support login credentials.

Please note, if the company for this user already exists in our List of Registered Support Organizations, the user’s identity will first be confirmed and authorized by the primary support contact for the customer.  An email will then be sent to the sender with support login credentials, and instructions on how to use the system.

When dealing with support tickets, Esprida has a few policies and procedures we follow. These allow us to ensure that customers are satisfied with the service received.

  1. Esprida will identify a customer’s primary support contact. This person will: 
    • be responsible for the approval of any additional contacts from the customer that will be granted access to the Support Ticket system. We understand that every one of our customers is unique in the way their information should be handled
    • receive email notices about upcoming maintenance and software release events
  2. We will never make a customer’s tickets available to anyone outside the list approved for access to the Support Ticket system.
  3. Esprida will automatically close any ticket that meets only the following criteria. The ticket is awaiting further customer information or action, and has not been updated with a response note from that customer in 4 months. To prevent such a ticket from being closed, a customer simply has to add a note to the ticket advising that the issue is still relevant, and that efforts are still being made to provide Esprida with the requested information.

New or additional licenses for Esprida LiveControl Agents, Esprida ScreenGuard or Esprida ScreenGuard for iPad products can be requested from the links below:

Esprida ScreenGuard™

Esprida ScreenGuard™ for iPad®

Contact Us

For answers to questions in our Community Portal, feel free to contact us directly at (905) 629-0455. If all of our support representatives are busy, please leave a message and we’ll return the call as quickly as possible.