Yes, the Esprida LiveControl Agent will work through a proxy.

Configuration of the proxy settings is done after the agent has been installed and before licensing of the agent is performed. To configure the agent, the user will need to gather:

  1. the IP of the proxy server
  2. the port being used for the proxy
  3. and whether the proxy requires authentication

If authentication is required the user will also need to obtain the username and password for authentication. Once the agent has been installed, the user will need to edit the file of the agent and enter the proxy information. After saving and closing the file, the user can license the agent and the device should appear on the Server.

Detailed instructions for editing the file can be found in the ‘Configuring Esprida Agent’ section of the  ESP-LC_UserGuide_AgentInstallGuide document which can be downloaded from the Resources page on the Esprida LiveControl Server.