Why does my Error Handling Rule give an error when saving?

If the set of recovery actions for the rule starts with ‘Check State Again’, this will cause this issue. Error Handling Rules must first take an action from the list of recovery actions, before the ‘Check State Again’ escalation action can be used.

Why can’t I see a rule that I created?

In order to see a rule, a user’s Organization access permissions must be equal to, or greater, than the Organizational access permissions of the user who last edited the rule. As such, if a user who has access to a higher organization in the tree, edits a rule, users who have access only to organizations lower in the tree will no longer be able to view or edit that rule.

How to interpret the Low, Medium and High threshold values for components

The default components CPU, Memory and Hard Drive that are automatically monitored by the Esprida LiveControl Agent come with 3 states: Low (green), Medium (yellow) and High (red). All 3 values work using a 100% scale. 100% CPU usage, 100% of the total installed memory and 100% of the total hard drive space on the device.

How can I tell which rules are assigned to a particular device?

From the Devices Module, click the name of your organization on the left pane and click on the name of the device. Select the Rules tab from the right pane to view the list of rules, the category for each rule and the date when the rule was applied to the device.

How can I tell which devices are assigned to a particular Rule?

For Error Handling Rules, Scheduled Data Retrieval Rules, and Scheduled Maintenance Rules:

  • From the Rules Module, click on the distribution indicator under the Distribution column. Hovering over this distribution indicator will show the current status of the distribution while clicking on it will display a detailed list of the devices assigned to this rule and the status of distribution for each device

What’s the difference between the different Rule categories?

There are four rule types in Esprida LiveControl:

Error Handling Rules: relate to the problems arising on the devices or their components (peripherals). For this rule you define how a device reacts to a problem with one or more of its hardware or software components being monitored on Esprida LiveControl. Since this rule is performing certain actions on the device itself, this rule is sent to the Esprida LiveControl Agent to perform the recovery actions to be performed when the specific component error occurs.