Why can’t I see my device on the map in MyEsprida?

The device locations on the device map are generated using the location attribute information entered for each device. If no location attribute information exists for a device:

• The device will not appear on the map.
• The device will appear on the list of devices that have incorrect, or missing location attribute information. This is the Unresolved Devices list in the My Esprida module.

To update the location information for a device:

1. Click the Resolve button beside a device.
2. Enter the location attribute information in the appropriate fields.
3. Click Next.
4. Click Finish.

How do I configure Esprida LiveControl to automatically display a report when I log in?

From within the My Esprida module;

1. Select My Esprida Preferences in the upper left hand corner.

2. On the left hand column, select Reports.

3. Select the desired report you wish to have displayed from the Available Reports dropdown list. (This list reflects the saved reports the user has access to in the Reports Module of LiveControl).

4. Click the Save button

Every time the user logs into Esprida LiveControl, the report will be run and displayed automatically.

How do I change how many records are displayed on a page?

Many screens in Esprida LiveControl show a list of records. For example:

– Devices > Rules tab displays the number of rules assigned to the device.

– Devices > History tab displays a list of all actions run, rules that have been triggered and digital content packages that have been installed on the device.

– Rules displays the list of rules available to the users.

– Digital Content displays all of the content packages created by members of the organization.

Esprida LiveControl can limit the number of records to be displayed on a screen at one time. If the number of records to be displayed exceeds this limit, additional pages will be created that can be navigated through using the page forward, page back arrows underneath each record list. The number of records to be displayed can be set to 10, 25, 50 or 100.

To modify the maximum number of records to be displayed at one time:
1. Click on the My Esprida module.
2. Select My Esprida Preferences (upper left corner)
3. Select a value from the dropdown box beside ‘Select number of records per page to be displayed’

How do I change the default page I am on when I log into Esprida LiveControl?

From the My Esprida Module, select the My Esprida Preferences link in the upper left hand corner (below the Esprida LiveControl logo). On the My Esprida Preferences page:

– Select User Settings on the left side navigation pane.

– Use the dropdown list for Starting Module to select the default page you will be directed too after log in.